Off the Hour / July 29, 5-6pm / Canadian Complicity With War in Gaza

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Featured on today’s program:

-A preview of the People’s Social Forum, happening in Ottawa from August 21st to 24th. It’s already being called the largest convergence of social movements in Canadian history. CKUT’s Gretchen King will bring us more.

-We’ll be joined by CKUT’s Stefan Christoff, to discuss his most recent article “Trudeau embraces injustice, in Canada and in Gaza”. We’ll talk with Stefan about Canadian political complicity for Israeli war crimes in Gaza from the right to the left of the political spectrum.

-And in other Gaza coverage, we’ll bring you a special edition of This Week in Palestine from the International Middle East Media Centre, on Israel’s Operation Protective Edge and its human consequences.

-Then we’ll come back to Montreal, where 2 local filmmakers are working on a documentary on LGBTQ youth in the Haitian diaspora. We’ll hear from Ben Gardere and Koralie Woodward about their documentary ‘The Unspeakable Truth’.

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