Off the Hour / July 15th, 5-6pm / Montrealers march in solidarity with Gaza / Bill C36 / Anti-racist soccer tournament / Grassy Narrow Treaty

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Featured on today’s program:

- On today’s program, several sex workers, sex worker rights organizations and allies of sex workers were in Ottawa last week to appear as witnesses before the Justice Committee to speak to Bill C36 : The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. Jaime MacLean of the news collective spoke with 2 sex worker activists who are opposing this bill which many say will make their jobs more dangerous.

- Then, last weekend, activists from the Immigrant Workers Centre co-organized an anti-racist soccer tournament in the Montréal neighborhood of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. The idea was to show that a different way of playing soccer – not FIFA’s, and not the World Cup’s – was possible. Participants ranged from die-hard activists to die-hard soccer aficionados, and everywhere in-between. CKUT’s Carla Green was there.

- And finally, last Friday, the Supreme Court refused to recognize the role that the federal government had in protecting Grassy Narrows› Treaty 3 from provincial and corporate actions - in this case, logging in Ontario. CKUT’s Tiffany Lam followed up with Grassy Narrow’s Chief Roger Fobister to discuss the implications of this Supreme Court decision and the government’s role in working with indigenous communities.

- But first up, On Friday July 11, Montreal gathered in the streets to express solidarity with Gaza and demand the end of the recent indiscriminate and deadly Israeli aggression on the Gaza strip that killed over 190 Palestinians so far. The team of the Palestine-solidarity show Under The Olive Tree, which airs every Thursday from 11am to 12pm on CKUT, was there and prepared a report for us.

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