Off the hour / Mar. 25, 5-6pm / Groundwire / Sex work / Police brutality

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On today’s program:

NCRA’s Groundwire, community news from coast to coast to coast. It was produced this week in London, Ontario at CHRW.

Last week, the Ligue des droits et libertes sent out a statement, signed by 55 organizations, denouncing the arrests at this year’s police brutality protest, which took place on March 15th. The protest, which has developed a reputation for ending in mass arrest, lasted less than ten minutes this year before protesters were alternately charged and herded into a series of kettles, where they were subsequently ticketed, processed, and then let go. The statement denounces the SPVM’s actions during the protest as well as P-6, the municipal bylaw that condones both kettling and what the Ligue des droits calls “political profiling”. CKUT spoke with Dominique Peschard from the Ligue des droits et libertes about the issue.

Finally on today’s show, we look at sex work. In December 2013 the Supreme Court of Canada made a historic ruling known as the Bedford decision. The ruling resulted in the decriminalization of sex work in Canada. With one year given to Parliament to write new sex work legislation that does not conflict with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms there are however, many questions still left unanswered. Some anti-sex work groups advocate for a Nordic model while many pro-sex work organizations demand there be no legislation at all. CKUT spoke with Julie Grant, executive-at-large of Sex Professionals of Canada about the future of sex work in Canada.

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