Off the hour / Mar. 21, 5-6pm / March Against Racism and the Charter of Values

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Featured on today’s program:

Tonight is the March Against Colonialism, Racism, and the Quebec Charter of Values starting at 6:00PM at the Mt-Royal Metro Station. CKUT’s Anna Marchese sat down with Joel Pedneault (“Ped-no”), one of the coordinators of this event, to discuss the Charter and the issues of colonialism and racism as they play out in the context of this upcoming election.

You’re also going to hear audio recorded at a panel discussion last night entitled “Struggles for Self-Determination”, held at UQAM as part of the Study in Action conference. We’ll hear from Christina Xydous, another one of tonight’s protest organizers, speaking on feminist anti-racist opposition to Bill 60.

Among the many organizations in Montreal to voice their opposition to Bill 60 is the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre. CKUT’s Anna Marchese sat down with Louis-Philippe Jannard from the centre to find out more.

Also on the show, we will speak with Stephanie Guico of the group Mouvement pour une Democratie nouvelle, who have launched a campaign to reform Quebec’s electoral system with the goal of making each vote count.

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