Stepping on Ananse's Testicles - A Documentary in Celebration of Black History Month

Tune in to Off the Hour on Wednesday February 5th from 5-6pm to hear this special Black History Month Documentary, produced by CKUT’s Kai Thomas

Ananse the spider finds many incarnations in the folklore of Afrika and the Diaspora. He is a wily trickster with sneaky solutions to every sticky situation he encounters. At times he is benevolent, but mostly he is greedy and selfish.

On the other hand, Kai Thomas is a student, corporeal and full of questions, recently returned to Montréal after a long stay in Accra, Ghana.

Stepping on Ananse’s testicles is an experience of poking at the sensitive history of the transatlantic slave trade from the ‘other’ side of the ocean. How do people on the Afrikan continent conceive of this painful history? What ramifications does it have on ideas of power, masculinity, diasporic connections?

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