Off the Hour / Jan. 14, 5-6pm / No More Homeless Deaths

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Featured on today’s program

-The latest edition of Groundwire, community radio news from coast to coast to coast. Today’s edition was produced on Fort William First Nation’s territory at CILU in Thunder Bay ON by Carly Forbes.

-An interview with Fred Burrill of the housing rights organization POPIR in St-Henri. Fred will tell us about the ongoing «A Qui la Ville» campaign against gentrification, as well as the upcoming launch of Le Canal, POPIR’s community newspaper.

-An interview with Liisa Schofield, a community organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty in Toronto. OCAP recently managed to pressure Toronto’s city hall to open up an emergency sleeping area for homeless people during the city’s cold snap. She will also be speaking about the recent death of a homeless man, Richard Ian Kenyon, on Toronto’s sub-zero streets.

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