IF You Got Ears - January 2014 Edition

Every Wednesday in January, local improv man-about-town Alex Pelchat will be taking the reigns to give listeners a taste of wild sounds from Montreal and beyond. Sam Shalabi, Jean Derome, Farley Miller and more sonic luminaries will be making guest appearances in the studio over the course of the residency, so be sure to tune in for a special dose of out-sounds. Open your ears and expect the unexpected.

Tune in between noon and 2pm or catch it on the archives @ ckut.ca. here’s a run down of what’s happening.

15th - Free jazz, free improv, free fun with special guest tab
22nd - Musique improvisée/expérimentale à Montréal avec invité Jean Derome & Joane Hétu
29th - Experimental punk rock, spazzy madness with guest Farley Miller