Off the Hour / Dec 20, 5-6pm / Justice for Levi, Sex Work Decriminalization, Tear Gas, and more!

(Pictured: Rachelle (L) and Ruth (R) of the Justice for Levi Coalition)

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Featured on today’s program:

-Yesterday, a joint review panel recommended that the federal government approve the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline in Alberta and BC. We’ll hear interviews with Indigenous land defender Freda Huson of the Unis’tot’en Camp, as well as Donald Prince, a former oil worker, reflecting on the dangers of oil pipelines, all part of the interview series A Line In the Sand.

-An interview with Ruth Schaeffer of the Justice for Levi Coalition on yesterday’s Supreme Court decision which bans police from having their incident notes vetted by lawyers.

-An interview with Robyn Maynard of Stella, on today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down 3 laws on sex work.

-An interview with Kimber Heinz, an activist at the War Resisters League, working on the Facing Teargas Campaign, an effort to ban teargas as a weapon of war.

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