Urban Arts Extravaganza Live Broadcast Dec 21st 2013

Westhaven is a Community Center in NDG on the corner of Elmhurst and Harley. Take the 105 to the end of the line, walk south on Elmhurst and turn left on Harley, - and it’s right here. Other traveling options are bus lines 90, 164, 51,&123.

From 7pm to 11pm CKUT will be broadcasting the Westhaven Urban Arts Holiday Extravaganza CKUT hosts from Masters At Work, Ill Groove Garden will be mc’ing this broadcast which will showcase the many talents of the teens who frequent the center. Hip Hop, Dance Fashion show and more . Also discussions on a variety of topics on the minds of youth. Topics such as Entrepreneurship , What’s it take to run your own store? Lyrical content in rap/hip hop - why is it so raw out there? Has hip hop sold its people out? How do we make positive messages more popular? What are the needs of anglo NDG youth? What programmes are working? What are some of the particular struggles of being of bi-racial identity. And of course non-stop music.