Off the Hour, today 5-6pm: Divest McGill, Anti-racist organizing, Elections in Honduras

Tune in to Off the Hour today from 5-6pm, CKUT’s community news collective show.

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-An interview with Justin Chisholm of Divest McGill, who have been campaigning for more bicycle infrastructure on the McGill campus, as well as for McGill to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

-An interview with US-based author and activist Chris Crass on his new book “Towards Collective Liberation: Anti-racist organizing, feminist praxis, and movement building strategy”, published by PM Press

-The latest edition of the Women’s International News Gathering Service, On November 24th, Honduras will have its next election. If perchance that is free and fair, the 2009 coup against President Manuel Zelaya could be effectively reversed. We’ll hear an interview with a young activist, Ana Gabriela Rivera, who has been recruiting election observers in the US.

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