World Association of Community Radio Broadcast 11-12pm

CKUT is broadcasting LIVE from the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters special conference in Montreal.

Tune in 11-12pm today to hear voices of representatives of Community Radio from as near and wide as Uruguay, Chile, France, South Africa, India and the USA speaking on the successes and challenges of the community radio movement!

Better yet, head down to UQAM, 315 Ste. Catherines East (R-MI60) and check out some of the amazing events going on throughout the day!

9h30-12h00: The Community Radio Movement: 30 year Later: Successes and Challenges Session on best experiences and challenges for AMARC 30 years later

Round Table with: Chair: Bruce Girard, Comunica, (Uruguay). Pia Matta, President of AMARC, (Chile). Emmanuel Boutterin, Deputy President, AMARC; (France). Franklin Huizies, Executive Committee, AMARC, (South Africa). Ashish Sen, Vice-president AMARC Asia Pacific; (India). Elizabeth Robinson: KCSB (USA).

13h00-15h00: Community radios in North America: history and perspectives

15h30- 16h30: The Montreal Declaration

19H00 Social Movements and the right to Communicate. (R-MI30)

Round Table with: Tiberius Brastaviceanu - Occupy Movement Martine Desjardins, Student Movement (Quebec). Nozha Ben Mohamed, Communication rights and social movements in Tunisia (Tunisia). Dominique Charron, First nations Movement, Canada. Ernesto Lamas, Social movement and broadcast legislation in Argentina (Argentina).