Listen Back! Prison Radio: Solidarity Confinement for Not Wearing a Bra & Torture in Uzbekistan

Prison Radio, Thursday, December 13th

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CKUT broadcasts the voice of the voiceless. Who are some of the least heard from members of society? Prison Radio brings the voices of prisoners to the airwaves.

**What is the worst that can happen if you don’t wear a bra? Nipples through your shirt? A little bit of pain when you run? Apparently in an Ontario prison, it can mean getting thrown in the “hole” (aka solitary confinement) and adding days to your prison sentence. Prison Radio speaks with a member of the Prison Resistance Project about the case of a woman who didn’t wear a bra in prison.

Steve Swerdlow from Human Rights Watch talks about prisoners and prison conditions in Uzbekistan, and the complicity of Canada and the US. Warning, explicit descriptions of torture.

Year in Review: Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety. (Postponed til next show!)

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