Off The Hour / Sept. 22, 5-6pm / Rejection of the Energy East pipeline and tanker proposal : Environmental Groups on the Frontline

(Photo Credit : Fundy Baykeeper/Conservation Council of New Brunswick)

Featured on today’s program :

  • The latest edition of Unfit to print! The bi-weekly collaboration with the McGill Daily newspaper. Today we bring you the first edition of the season, looking at Indigenous resources and labour organizing at McGill.

  • The heads of Canada’s leading environmental groups stood alongside First Nations and local fishers on Mispec Beach, New Brunswick, near the Bay of Fundy, last week to call for the rejection of the Energy East pipeline and tanker proposal.  Executive directors took a tour on a local fishing boat around eastern Saint John Harbour and Redhead to see firsthand the unique ecosystem and sustainable jobs at risks from TransCanada’s Energy East proposal. We’ll hear more from Tim Elhich of the group Environmental Defense.

  • Then, an interview with journalist and filmmaker Zahra Moloo who speaks on the contemporary political realities in Kenya. Specifically Zahra highlights systemic human rights abuses taking place in the country within the context of “anti-terror” legislation that has particularly targeted Muslim communities in Kenya. 

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