Off The Hour / Sept. 11, 5-6 pm / McGill University accused of withholding informations on Military Ties

(Photo Credit: Demilitarize McGill Twitter)

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Featured on today’s program:

  • The interview with antiwar organizers at McGill. Students claim that McGill University is displaying increasing desperation in its bid to stop students from learning about military research on campus.The McGill administration is shelling out for an expert access-toinformation legal team, which is going to new lengths to block ATI requests about military research, according to a press release issued this week. CKUT spoke with Cadence O’Neal, an anti-war organizers at McGill, to find out more.

  • Next, with a little over one month to go before the Canadian federal elections, the major political parties are making big promises to their electorate.The RAPSIM (“Rapsim”),a homeless advocacy group in Montreal, has struggled with several years of cuts to their federal funding. Yesterday,the RAPSIM, along with several other organizations who work with drug users and people who suffers from mental illness, went on a bus tour in three major areas impacted by these issues in the city. The aim of the tour was to meet 3 candidates in the upcoming election: Simon Marchand, the Bloc Quebecois’ candidate in Hochelaga; Marjolaine BoutinSweet, NPD’ candidate in Hochelaga and Marc Miller, liberal’ candidate in VilleMarie. CKUT’s was on the tour, and brings us this report in French.

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