Off the Hour / Oct. 7, 5 - 6 pm / Direct action against Enbridge

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Featured on today’s program:

-First up, direct action against oil pipelines in Montreal this morning. Earlier today, 4 women locked themselves to a Suncor oil refinery in the east end to protest the Tar Sands and Enbridge’s controversial Line 9 pipeline. CKUT’s Aaron Lakoff was there to bring us more.

-Then, we turn our attention to Hong Kong, where unprecedented youth-led protests have been sweeping the city for the last 2 weeks. The so-called Umbrella Revolution has been demanding an end to skyrocketing poverty, and more democracy and autonomy from mainland China. CKUT’s Lorraine Wong brings us voices from people out in the streets.

-Plus, we bring you the latest edition of Unfit to Print, a biweekly news round-up produced by the McGill Daily.

Photo by Aaron Lakoff

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