Hip Hop & Social Justice on the Wednesday Morning After

MC Emrical aka Ricardo Lamour-Blaise of Montréal Nord Républik joined the Wednesday Morning After crew live in-studio for some live rapping and conversation.

Emrical mixes hip hop with his passion for social justice to speak up about issues facing Montrealers like the death of Fredy Villanueva, black youth shot by police in Montreal Nord, and the student strike.

Also in the news, Emrical will be performing this Thursday, July 26th at Carré Rouge Sonore - a Student Strike inspired concert being put on by the Howl Arts Collective.

Listen to the show! http://soundcloud.com/emrical/emrical-ckut-hip-hop-social?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=http://soundcloud.com/emrical/emrical-ckut-hip-hop-social