The Avalanche / Aug. 13, 5-6pm / Handicap International on the Gaza Crisis

Tune in to the Avalanche today from 5-6p, radio by and for people with disabilities!

Featured on today’s program:

-Gary from the Avalanche sat down with Jerome Bobin of Handicap International. The group recently put out a statement concerning Palestinians who have been rendered handicapped by Israeli bombing.

-Then, we bring you the most recent edition of the Palestine Solidarity Sessions, a regular segment on CKUT featuring voices reflecting on the recent Israeli massacre in Gaza, and what we can all do to stand up for Palestine. Today we’ll hear from Hala Marley-Yassin of PAJU – Palestinian and Jewish Unity.

-Finally, we’ll hear the latest edition of the show Handi-Links, produced by CJAM radio in Windsor, Ontario. We’ll hear from Greg Stevens Love, of the Dwarf Athletic Association of America.

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