Oonga hosts If You Got Ears June 2016

Eli Levinson aka Oonga is a producer/DJ Montreal who creates house/techno dubstep and tropical music. He has worked with Vox Sambou, Alquimia Verbal and AraLune and with the Mundial Festival.

The purpose of this residency is to explore different strains of music from around the world that do not comfortably fit into our general expectations of music from other places. As a producer who has traveled very far in search of interesting music to engage with, and through my work at Mundial Montreal, I have been exposed to a huge variety of really weird music, and I want to share it with CKUT’s open-minded listeners.

The music that I will play is not created as intentional “experimental music” but instead will start from be a range of traditions used to invoke different forms of religious ecstasy, from the rhythmic traditions of Haitian voodoo drums to the intoxicating vocal repetitions of Turtle Island pow wow music, to the minimalism of Indonesian gamelan music.

This will later be linked to modern forms of electronic music whose rhythmic foundations are built from these same traditions, including Brazilian funk, Angolan kuduro, South African Gqom, and more. We’re going on an adventure deep into the esoteric funkalicious heartbeats of the world.