Off The Hour / October 20, 5-6pm / Round-up on the elections : Live Discussion with 4 Panelists !

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Featured on today’s program :

  • CKUT’s Dinith Karunanayake, Emily Enhorning, and Aaron Lahkoff will be speaking live with guests: John Clarke, from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Nicky Young of Shit Harper Did, Clifton Nicholas, a Mohawk activist and filmmaker from Kanehsatake as well as Dru Oja Jay, co-founder of the Media Coop. Together they will discuss the results of yesterday’s election as well as its implications for social movements in Canada.

  • Unfit to Print! This week’s episode will be featuring Adeola Odusanya who was a panelist on the Engineering Undergraduate Society- Equity Committee’s Forum on Diversity and Inclusivity in Engineering. After that we’ll hear from Laura Herbert who is the McGill chapter lead for on organization focused on raising awareness about mental health. She’ll be speaking about a Bridge the Gap Lecture that happened on Monday the 19th on Anxiety Disorders.

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