Off The Hour / Dec 15, 5-6pm / Activists ask Trudeau to increase Syrian Refugees' Commitment

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Today, on Off The Hour :

  • While Syrian refugees began arriving at Dorval airport in Montreal last week, dozens of activists were outside Justin Trudeau’s office in Villeray on Sunday to demand that the Canadian government do more in its promise to take in Syrian refugees, and to regularize all non-status people living within the country.

  • A former Oklahoma City police officer is facing life in prison for the serial rapes of African-American women. An all-white jury convicted Daniel Holtzclaw last week of rape and other crimes against eight of the 13 women who accused him. All 13 victims testified during the trial, each with similar stories of rape, sexual assault, and threats if they did not comply with Holtzclaw’s demands. We’ll be going to Democracy Now in New York City for more coverage

  • Latest edition of Making Contact, which looks at the question, should police be required to live in the cities they patrol? Law enforcement agencies around the country are struggling for answers to a question that’s about race, class and geography

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