Miss V.R. hosts If You Got Ears September 2018

VYMETHOXY REDSPIDERS, mistress of the macabre, sorceress of the surreal and full-time sugar-manic extraterrestrial amphibian girl is here to transport your psyche to an unknown dimension of sonics so garish and absurd, emotionally excessive and bursting with chromaticity that the very subatomic particles of your being will be changed forever, like the “colour from outer space”, a trip to this zone of audio aberration will leave you entranced and transmogrified!! Each of the four episodes this month will be a visit to a different realm, each with a distinct vibe of it’s own, spanning the spectrum of psychic spaces from hysterical and berserk, to gloomily ethereal, to hallucinatory insectoid psychedelia to neon wall-bouncing jamboree and many other constellations of calamity inbetween!! Miss V.R. will also host an exotic range of guests from far away lands and feature special segments that may be educational, entertaining or just plain erratic! Listen at your peril Montreal!!


Hip Hop You Don’t Stop Festival 2018 kicks off on CKUT. Tune in to a panel on issues that affect today’s youth and how Hip Hop engages with these issues.

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POP MONTREAL featured this month in the Montreal Sessions

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CKUT listeners and programmers have been experiencing the “sunset” of many friends, family members, mentors, loved ones. This week, two in particular hit close to home - Carlton Christidist Williams (Yung Cutt), son of Jah Cutta and Leonard Wharwood, Grenada National Association, employee of McGill Telecom and longtime supporter of CKUT. In this episode of Bhum Bhum Tyme Pat Dillon Moore, Wayne “Angel” Moore and DJ Storm speak to Jah Cutta and Myrna Lashley PhD Psychology Educator about coping with loss, what we can learn from these tragic events. A frank conversation about violence, anger, and grieving.

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Deep Kuts: Quebec World of Cultural Appropriation

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James Oscar on Robert Lepage’s Coeurs and “Clash of Civilizations” narrative

Robert Lepage& Exmachina – “Coeurs” at TOHU Theatre Feb 18- Feb 28 2015

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Hildeguard hosts Montreal Sessions August 2018

Hildeguard, whose name draws inspiration from the famed mystic musician Saint Hildegard von Bingen, is comprised of four girls whose paths crossed by a twist of fate in the dead of Montreal’s winter. Combining dreamy vocals and earworm guitar riffs, Hildeguard draws inspiration from all across the indie spectrum, bringing you grunged out, beachy rock to jam to.