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The 27th Hour

on CKUT 90.3 FM Monday 23:00-Tuesday 0:00.

Rocknroll your face off. Exploding the gospel of rocknroll in freek jazz, hollow bodied soul, 60s trash, trashabilly, cheese blues, and whatever else we deem necessary.

27th Hour screams live on CKUT Mondays 11pm and is laced with warm buzzing tape delay to bring you back to that old time of horror and real selection.

Best Music Program honorable mention at the 2013 National Campus & Community Radio Conference

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is not currently scheduled.

Superwaxed Goat

Garage rock, psych, punk, jazz, songs about goats, and everything in between. Hosted by Bryce who “should be the next host of Q” -A happy CKUT listener.

Monday nights at three in morning, aka the Hour of the Goat.

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Underground Sounds

on CKUT 90.3 FM Monday 20:00-22:00.

Underground Sounds has been airing Canadian independent music on CKUT for 25 years with a special focus on what’s coming out of Montreal. Don’t miss mixtapes, inteviews and in-studio performances with your host Nick Schofield, live every Monday night 8-10pm, with previews of upcoming local concerts and album releases.

Voted #2 Radio Show and #2 Radio Host in Cult MTL 2019 reader’s poll.
Voted #1 Radio Show and #1 Radio Host in Cult MTL 2018 reader’s poll.
Voted #2 Radio Show and #1 Radio Host in Cult MTL 2017 reader’s poll.
Voted #2 Radio Show and #1 Radio Host in Cult MTL 2016 reader’s poll.
Voted #1 Radio Show and #1 Radio Host in Cult MTL 2015 reader’s poll.
Voted #1 Radio Show and #1 Radio Host in Cult MTL 2014 reader’s poll.

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Drastic Plastic

on CKUT 90.3 FM Monday 22:00-23:00.

Drastic Plastic likes to keep the rock and roll fires burning on the radio by playing only the finest independent and unsigned rock and roll that never gets a fair shake from commercial rock radio. The program plays thrashy noise punk, eclectic alt country, demented garage rock and roll, and everything in between. This show, part rock & roll love affair and part chaotic sound collage, aims to give good music to rock and roll junkies everywhere. Hosted by Doug Ford, Mark B, and Armitage Shanks. Drastic Plastic is on air Monday nights 22:00-23:00.

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Pir@te Et Libres

on CKUT 90.3 FM Tuesday 2:00-3:00.

Pir@te et Libres exists to promote fighting for freedom as a way of life. The program welcomes many musicians, artists, and activists in order to be a crossroads of popular cultures and anarchist issues. The show features a significant amount of francophone music and content from the local and international scenes. Pir@te et Libres is essentially a music show, but includes interviews and features to encourage a global vision for a free world. This show plays each week on Tuesday from 2:00am-3:00am.

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Skewing The Waves

on CKUT 90.3 FM Saturday 23:00-Sunday 0:00.

Skewing the Waves provides coverage of what’s new and happening in the no wave/new wave/post punk scene.
This music scene and style has evolved hugely since its origin in the 1970s– many contemporary bands make similar music to the bands of the 70s, but others have incorporated other styles and elements to it. These bands try to push the limits of weird and pop, and the importance they have will probably never be recognized.

Skewing the Waves aims to expose relatively unknown bands from Montreal and abroad and provide a much-needed platform for these bands to get heard.

Tune in, turn on and get skewed… Saturdays 11:00pm-midnight.

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Howls From Hell / Metallic Montreal

on CKUT 90.3 FM Saturday 21:00-23:00.


Heavy metal and Montreal go together like peanut butter and jelly. With both a thriving underground scene and an annual festival that brings in the big names, the city deserves only the best when it comes to metal radio…and that’s where Howls From Hell comes in! Fronted by two metal maniacs with an encyclopedic knowledge, Howls From Hell brings you the best of the best from the most brutal music on earth! Howls From Hell: Real metalheads, real metal.

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Every OTHER Saturday, 9-11pm.


Rising from the ashes of former CKUT radio show Sounds of Steel, Metallic Montreal pushes the boundaries of art and brutality. Hosted by former SoS host Noah “The Bastard Child” and newcomer (but local scene veteran) “Thrasher Asher”, these DJs bring forth the latest and greatest in METAL from both around the world and the city of Montreal. Loud, vicious, and heavy!!

Tune in each 2nd, 4th, and 5th Saturday: 9-11pm on CKUT 90.3FM, also streaming worldwide at

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Montreal Sound Ark

on CKUT 90.3 FM Friday 15:00-17:00.

Drawing from local non-profit Archive Montreal’s massive collection of local music scene material, Montreal Sound Ark brings you the best of the Montreal underground from yesterday and today. Interviews, memories, insights and accompanying ephemera on the show’s blog will flesh out the journey through three decades of do-it-yourself sounds in Montreal. Hosted by longtime scenester and digger Louis Rastelli (DJ LRX80) with regular guests and guest DJs. Live every Friday from 3 to 5pm.


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