Off the Hour / June 13, 5-6 pm / Arrest at a primary school / Save Parc Oxygene

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Featured on today’s program:

Montreal police are being accused of viciously attacking a janitor outside a primary school in the Plateau on Wednesday. We’ll hear from that janitor, Carl Cadieux, as well as Nadia Lessard, a teacher who was also arrested during the incident.

Just around the corner from CKUT, a small community park is fighting for its life as a condo developer has plans to come in and pave over. CKUT’s Fabrice Yoboua spoke with Norman Nawrocki of The Milton-Parc Ad Hoc Committee to Save Parc Oxygène about the importance of this green space in McGill’s backyard.

In national housing news, Victoria BC’s long-running homeless newspaper, Victoria Street Newz, put out its last print edition this month. CKUT’s Cade Laren spoke with Janine Bancroft to reflect more on the paper’s history and significance to Victoria’s homeless community.

In Toronto, City council voted on Tuesday to adopt concrete recommendations towards making a sanctuary city, ensuring access to city services for all undocumented migrants. We’ll bring you the latest.

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