No One Is Illegal Radio, Today 5pm: Feminist Perspectives on the Quebec Values Charter

Tune in to No One Is Illegal Radio today at 5pm, a project of the CKUT community news collective!

On today’s No One Is Illegal Radio we will hear several feminist perspectives against the proposed Quebec “Charter of Values”, including Bochra Manai (member of la Collective des féministes musulmanes du Québec, co-author of ‘Pas en notre nom’), Anna Aude (community organizer and sex worker in Montreal), and Delice Mugabo (a co-organizer of ‘Create Dangerously’: Congress of Black Writers and Artists 2013, as well as a co-spokesperson for les États généraux de l’action et l’analyse féministes).

Also on the show, we’ll hear from immigration detainees (Erik Kusi & Jalal Josto) and a family member (La Toya Lettman) about a strike by close to 200 immigration detainees at the Central East Correctional Center in Lindsay, Ontario. On-air LIVE between 5-6pm at 90.3 CKUT FM in Montreal, and on the web everywhere. Will send a podcast after the show.