Off the Hour tonight at 5pm: “Iraqi Frequencies: 10 Years of Occupation and Resistance”

Yesterday marked 10 years of America’s occupation of Iraq. Thanks to shakomakoNET for producing “Iraqi Frequencies: 10 Years of Occupation and Resistance”. We air it tonight on Off the Hour from 5 to 6pm on 90.3fm or

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the American occupation of Iraq, shakomakoNET is presenting Iraqi Frequencies, a one hour radio program that features voices of scholars, artists, journalists and activists reflecting on and assessing the last decade of social, political, economic and environmental upheaval created by the occupation of Iraq. These voices will not just capture the last ten years of this calamity, but also the resilient spirit of Iraqis that has continued to flourish in spite of all that has happened, and continues to happen every day. It was produced by renowned journalist Nora Barrows Friedman in Oakland, California.

Also! Check out some artwork by and a conversation with CKUT co-host of World Skip the Beat and multimedia artist, Sundus Abdul Hadi.

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