Know Your Rights on Moving Day! Housing Rights Call-in Special on Off the Hour (June 30, 5-6pm)

Photo: Canadian Press

Tune in to a Housing Rights special on Off the Hour, Tuesday June 30 from 5-6pm! Call in with your housing rights questions to our panel of tenant organizing experts in studio, 514-448-4013! Tweet your questions to us @CKUTnews, or email

As all you Montrealers are well aware, July 1st is our annual favourite holiday - Moving Day. As thousands of people across the island prepare to load boxes into the backs of U-Hauls, schlepp fridges and stoves up and down our city’s iconic(ally frustrating) winding staircases, and serve up pizza and beer to their friends, we will be taking to the airwaves the day before moving day to let you know all that you need to know about YOUR rights as a tenant.

For example, DID YOU KNOW?:

-It is the landlord’s legal responsability to make sure the new apartment is clean and in good working order BEFORE you move in

-Depending on your lease, you have either 10 days or 2 months AFTER your move-in day to demand a rent reduction from the Regie du Logement

-It is your right as a tenant to refuse a rent increase, and stay in your apartment.

Join us on June 30 from 5-6pm for our in-studio panel of housing rights experts who will be talking housing rights, bad landlords, and useful tips! Our panelists include:

-Emilie Joly of FRAPRU

-Alexandra Pierre of Project Genesis

-Fred Burrill of POPIR

We are inviting questions from our listeners! Here’s how you can get your questions in:

Call into studio to ask them live on air: 514-448-4013

Send us your questions on Twitter! Tweet to us @CKUTNews

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