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On today’s No One Illegal Radio (April 2, 2015) we focus on the current anti-austerity movement from an anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-border perspective. We speak with Mostafa Henaway, a community organizer at the Immigrant Workers Centre and author of the zine Capitalism on the Edge: The Crisis that Came the Crisis Yet to Come, Romina Hernandez, a community organizer at POPIR and Solidarity Across Borders, and Samir Shaheen-Hussain, who has previously been involved in Indigenous solidarity, migrant justice, and anti-police-violence organizing, and was active in the Health Justice Collective’s “We Refuse to Cooperate!” campaign to oppose the cuts to refugee healthcare.

You can listen to the LIVE show today (Thursday, April 2) from 5-6pm on CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal or at everywhere. After the live show, you can listen to the archive at,17:00 OR visit to listen to individual interviews.

No One Is Illegal Radio is part of CKUT’s Off The Hour. We’re grassroots community radio on the island of Montreal.

No One Is Illegal-Montreal is part of a worldwide movement of resistance, fighting for justice and dignity, and the right to self-determination for migrants, refugees and indigenous people. Our campaign is in public confrontation with the Canadian state, denouncing and taking action to combat racial profiling, police brutality, detentions and deportations, as well as opposing the displacement and genocide of indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.

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