Howl! Arts Collective Hosts Montreal Sessions April 2015

For the month of April, Montreal Sessions will be hosted by the Howl! Arts Collective

Howl! Arts Collective is a Montreal-based collective of cultural workers, artists and activists working for social justice via artistic expression.

Howl! Arts Collective hosts a Howl! a concert series rooted in Montreal’s fiercely creative independent arts community. From music, to dance, to spoken-word poetry, to film, Howl! features a diversity of local, national, and international artists. Howl! aims to challenge corporate-directed musical modes by celebrating grassroots artists actively building bridges between the arts and activism for social justice.

Expect to hear conversations about activism and art and music from some of the many artists that have performed at the Howl! Arts Collective events also information about the many activities that will be taking place at this years Howl! Arts Festival.