Off The Hour / March 20th, 5-6pm / More Discrimination at the STM

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Featured on today’s program:

We’ll hear from CKUT’s very own Aimee Louw. Aimee is a disability rights activist who was in the local media this month because of an incident of discrimination at the hands of an STM bus driver. Well, Aimee was yet again subjected to more harassment from a bus driver in NDG last night, who locked her on his bus after she asked him to lower his ramp. We’ll talk to Aimee about her struggle against the growing discrimination and ableism at the STM.

Then we turn to Mexico, where the families of 43 disappeared students from Ayotzinapa continue to fight for answers from the government and police. We’ll hear from Daniel Mendoza of Vancouver Solidarity for Ayotzinapa, who is helping to organize a caravan of the families of the 43 through the USA and Canada this spring.

Finnaly we’ll hear a report on this year’s police repression against the annual March 15th demonstration against police brutality. Once again this year, Montreal police arrested nearly 100 people shortly after last Sunday’s march began, this time under the bylaw 500.1. We’ll hear more from the Collective Opposed to Police Brutality.

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