Off The Hour / March 6th, 5-6pm / International Women's Day

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Featured on today’s program:

This Sunday March 8 is International Women’s Day. CKUT spoke with Dolores Chew of the March 8 Committee of Women of Diverse Origins about what’s happening in Montreal for the annual event.

Today on the show, we bring you the latest on Montreal’s decision to drop thousands of fines against protestors under the controversial P6 bylaw, and reactions from those affected.

Then, On April 1st, the 4 & 4 rule under Canada’s immigration law will come into effect. Under these rules, low-waged workers in the Temporary Foreign Worker program and Live-In Caregiver streams who have been employed in Canada for one or more periods totalling four years will be denied continued status and forced to leave. CKUT’s Sheila Ferrando will bring us more.

We’ll also hear about a new exhibit looking at the history of activism in minority language communities in this province, called Quebec on the Move. The exhibit launched on Wednesday at Concordia University, and continues for the rest of the month.

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