Off The Hour / March 3, 5-6pm / Groundwire Homelessness Special Edition

(Photo credit: United Nations)

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Featured on today’s program:

On today’s program, as International Women’s Day draws closer on March 8th, we bring you the latest edition of WINGS – the Women’s International News Gathering Service. Leila Doss is a retired broadcaster and former assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. She started her career under a glass ceiling at Egyptian state radio and eventually joined United Nations radio just as it was being born. The pressures from within the UN on its media are highly revealing.

But first up, we bring you the latest edition of Groundwire, community radio news from coast to coast to coast. Today’s edition was specially produced for the 13th annual Homelessness Marathon, which went to air on over a dozen community radio stations across Canada last Wednesday.

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