No One Is Illegal Radio / Nov. 6, 5-6pm / Nahla Abdo on Palestinian Women's Resistance

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Tune in to No One Is Illegal Radio today from 5-6pm on CKUT! No One Is Illegal Radio goes to air the first Thursday of every month during Off the Hour, and focuses on the frontline struggles of migrants and Indigenous people on Turtle Island (“North America”) and around the world.

On today’s No One Is Illegal Radio we will feature some speakers participating in this year’s Culture Shock, an annual event series dedicated to exploring the myths surrounding immigrants, refugees, indigenous people and communities of colour organized by QPIRG McGill. We’ll feature an interview with Nahla Abdo, an Arab feminist activist, about her latest book Captive Revolution: Palestinian Women’s Anti-Colonial Struggle Within the Israeli Prison System. We will hear from Sharrae Lyon, a multidisciplinary artist, writer and facilitator who believes in the powerful role of science fiction and futurism. She talks with us about her project “Alien Nation” and her relationship with Afrofuturism. Also, we talk with Darkmatter, a trans south asian art and activist collaboration, about their #ItGetsBitter tour and the relationship between their art practice and gender self(ie) determination, racial justice, and movement building.

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