STUDIO 303 ON 90.3 SAT DEC 04 2021

Nostalgic Futures: What is the Role of Singing at the End of the World? //Malek & Miranda Jones **Saturday December 4th, 3pm - 4pm

This event is a radio broadcast made by two collaborators ~ one in Montreal, the other in Tunisia ~ put together via zoom calls, voice memos, & emails.

Using the form of sound collage, the broadcast explores the question : what is the role of singing at the end of the world? ~~ layering syllables, dialogue, nostalgic poetics, remembered soundscapes and a sing-along track — like a guided meditation that you can pop into your ears, that helps you ease into vocalization. Central questions along the way: what gets us to sing? What does singing do for me? Where do I sing? How does singing feel?

​​The purpose: to offer an energetic gathering space for us to find time to play with the possibilities of our voices and bodies.

In Montreal, you can listen on CKUT by turning your dial to 90.3FM. You can also come to Studio 303 to borrow a radio to listen in-studio or on a walk. If in Tunisia, you can attend an outdoor listening party in collaboration with the tzakzeeka/ تزقزيقة voice series featured on the broadcast. From home or anywhere else in the world, you can listen online via radio. All who register will receive an invitation to the broadcast (a printable pdf sent by email).

ACCESSIBILITY // The medium of radio allows a wide range of participation. Possible forms of engagement could look like: listening at home, on a walk, with a friend online, sounding along as called, finding perches of listening amidst overlapping threads, sharing thoughts via the chat box of, or even replying to the invitation received in the mail.

We will send out a printable pdf invitation to all who register to listen to the broadcast. Email to receive an audio version of the invitation by email if needed. Paper copies of the invitation will be available in-studio. This piece is an audio piece, and its content may not be accessible to folx that are deaf or hard of hearing. The languages spoken in the broadcast include English, French and Arabic.