To Stream or not to Stream

From platforming hate speech to unbelievably low royalty rates for artists, streaming has been at the top of mind for many people in the music industry for years.

Artists have long expressed their frustration with services such as Spotify and Apple Music, but changes are rarely implemented. And while users can delete their accounts in protest, larger industry forces help maintain streaming as the easiest way for users to listen to the music they love.

As radio stations, we present an ethical source for music consumption. But what are the larger forces at play? What role do major labels have in this current climate? And what, realistically, can listeners do to ensure that the musicians they love can sustain long and meaningful careers?

Join CJLO 1690AM, CKUT 90.3FM, and various members of the Canadian music industry for a wide-ranging and important conversation on streaming.


Jean-Philippe Bourgeois, Mothland

Katie Seline, Music Rights Clearance

Aaron Powell, Fog Lake

Phil Messier, Bopper (bio TBA)

Alexander Moskos, CKUT 90.3FM


Denis Arsenault, Dirty Work


Jean-Philippe Bourgeois has been an integral part of the Montreal underground music scene for the last 9 years. Following a career as a musician when he played with artists such as Adam Strangler, Fefe Dobson, Xavier Caféine, Plastic Bertrand and UUBBUURRUU, he is now a full time talent buyer and promoter at Analogue Addiction as well as artist manager, director of radio promotion and booking agent at Mothland, all the while programming FME, Taverne Tour and Distorsion Festivals.

Katie Seline is the Director of Operations & Accounts at Music Rights Clearance in Montreal. She is responsible for all aspects of the relationships with MRC clients and project life cycles including music supervision and clearance for advertising, film, and television. After some time in radio as the General Manager of CJLO 1690AM, Katie shifted to licensing music for multi-national companies like TouchTunes and Stingray, clearing everything from music for jukeboxes and karaoke to concerts for on-demand broadcast.

Fog Lake is the musical alias of Canadian singer-songwriter Aaron Powell. Powell began writing and recording songs in his hometown of Glovertown, Newfoundland. In 2014, Powell moved from cassette label Birdtapes to become part of the New York based Orchid Tapes, run by Warren Hildebrand. Powell’s recordings have been described as “a complex collage of nebulous angst and heartfelt nostalgia”. Fog Lake’s latest full-length release entitled Tragedy Reel was released on April 23rd, 2021.

Denis Arsenault had a twelve year long run on his radio show, Dirty Work on CJLO and served on the station’s board of directors for two years. Currently he plays in the band AIM LOW and has recently made the jump into making video content. He has three cats and loves making pizza. Twitter & IG: @denisdirtywork

Alexander Moskos is a composer and performer based in Montreal. He is a longstanding participant in Montreal’s experimental music community both as an artist and as a curator, organizer and mentor. He has performed in Montreal based groups like the Unireverse, GOA!, Thames, Et Sans, AIDS Wolf, Drainolith and Rick Daze. He has recorded music for record labels both Canadian and international, Oral, NoType, American Tapes, Skin Graft, Drag City, Spectrum Spools and NNA Records and Tapes. He is currently music coordinator at CKUT 90.3FM.