REBEL BEAT (Wed 10pm - midnight) is moving off the FM dial to become a podcast. Tonight is the last night to set your dial to 90.3fm (or if you insist - your cursor to to hear some class war on the dance floor. Host Aaron Maiden who has been active at CKUT since a neophyte McGill Student. REBEL BEAT’s, previous incarnation was Roots Rock Rebel . Roots Rock Rebel hit the airwaves back in 2003 and focused on ska punk and reggae. In 2015 he decided to revamp the mandate and created REBEL Beat “a mixtape to a riot against police brutality”. So, you won’t be able to call in and make a request or perhaps lodge a complaint - however you will still be able to enjoy the tunes. Links below to keep on top of every episode. We are pleased to announce that the Lo Signal crew is moving into the new time slot.

REBEL BEAT REINCARNATES cause revolution is change.