Prison Radio / Nov. 12, 5-6pm / Visionary Fiction, Prison Abolition, and Octavia's Brood

On Today’s Program :

  • Today on the Prison Radio Show, we’ll be featuring an interview with Walidah Imarisha, one of the editors of the new book «Octavia’s Brood», a book of visionary fiction stories inspired by social movements. We talked to Walidah about the power of visionary fiction, prison abolition, and imagining worlds without prisons.
  • We also have two calls for support – one for political prisoner Robert Seth Hayes in the US who is being denied critical medical care and one is for queer prisoners at the Grand Valley Institute for Women in Ontario who are facing repression due to their choices of romantic partners. Both the calls for support include phone numbers to call!

We will repost all of the information on our blog –