No One Is Illegal Radio / April 7, 5-6pm / Honouring Jean-Pierre Bony

On today’s No One is Illegal Radio (April 7, 2016), we are honouring the life of Jean Pierre Bony, a 46-year-old black man recently killed by the Montreal police in Montreal Nord, and the life of Fredy Villaneuva, who would have turned 26 year old this year, killed by the Montreal police in 2008.

We feature audio from Black Lives Matter Toronto Tent City, a 2 week long camp set up outside of the police headquarters in response to the non-indictment of the police office who killed 45-year-old Andrew Loku.

Also on today’s show, we feature audio, including interviews and speeches, from Montreal’s Solidarity Demo with Tent City on March 29th.

No One Is Illegal Radio highlights the struggles of communities in resistance, with a focus on the self-determination struggles of Indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and working class people of colour. No One Is Illegal Radio is in public confrontation with the Canadian state, organizing to fight against poverty, racism, police brutality, prisons, detentions and deportations, as well as opposing the displacement and genocide of Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. We actively support the organizing of friends such as No One Is Illegal and Solidarity Across Borders. No One Is Illegal Radio is produced by Carolin Huang and Jaggi Singh, media activists and community organizers based in Montreal. We are part of CKUT 90.3FM’s Off The Hour at 90.3 fm, on the web. Live on-air at 5pm (Montreal-time) today, March 5, 2016. Listen afterwards on the archive at: