Labour Radio / Dec 17, 5-6pm / Workfare in UK : what effect on communities ?

(Photo Credit : IWW UK)

Today, on Labour Radio :

  • We will be discussing workfare, enforced unpaid labour, and its effect on communities in the UK. We will be airing testimonials from Marlene Hepburn, Cat Reilly and Jonathan Smith as well as listening to spokespeople from Boycott Workfare UK.

  • We will also draw parallels to Quebec where, with Bill 70, the Couillard Government intends to bring workfare back to Quebec. The Quebec Government has recently come to agreements with different sectors of the Labour Movement. What will be the impact on our health care providers and teachers?

  • The holiday season is around the corner! Slavoj Zizek, Slovenian philosopher, cultural critic, and Marxist intellectual has some very insightful things to say about the role of charity in the capitalist system.

All this and more on Labour Radio today at 5pm !