Did you know that you can subscribe to all your favourite CKUT shows? In a few simple steps you can set up most music players and podcast apps to automatically download each week’s episode. It’s pretty easy and you’ll never miss a show!

Just follow this simple guide:

-First, if you use iTunes, you can just click the “Subscribe in iTunes” link on every show’s page. Otherwise, keep reading!

-Second, some apps have a search feature and will have CKUT shows appear in the search. Give that a try, if it doesn’t work keep reading!

-Every CKUT show has a RSS feed on it’s show page. It’s listed above the the archives for past weeks and below all the other content.

-Copy the RSS feed link address.

-Open your music player or podcast app that can subscribe directly to podcasts. We recommend MusicBee (Windows) and Castbox (iOS, Android, Echo).

-Go to the area to add new podcasts and add a subscription.
Depending on the app this will work differently. You need an app that allows direct subscription to RSS feeds.

-When you add a podcast/subscription/RSS feed (depending on the terminology used by the app), you will be asked for a URL - just paste the RSS link that was copied from the show page. Save, click okay, or click subscribe if you need to.

-The show you selected should now be added to your podcast directory and downloaded automatically every week. Note: the first minute or two may be of another radio show.

-Now repeat the process for all your other favourite shows!

-Finally, sit back, put your feet up, and listen without distraction…