Off The Hour / November 17, 5-6pm / Tahoe Resources against Indigenous Communities : the voice of Luis Solano from Guatemala

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Featured on today’s program :

  • We’ll hear from Luis Solano, an investigative journalist from Guatemala who has recently released a report in Canada that outlines tactics such as repression, criminalization and militarization that the Guatemalan government and Canadian mining company, Tahoe Resources, have used against Indigenous communities. With translation help of Jen Moore from Mining Watch Canada, Luis Solano discusses his findings and their implications for not only Guatemala, but Latin America more broadly.

  • Independent journalist David Sheen, on anti-African racism in Israel today. He was in Montreal to deliver a talk entitled “The Ballot and the Boycott” at McGill’s faculty of law last week.

  • The latest edition of Unfit to Print, produced in collaboration with the |McGill Daily]( We’ll be hearing from the panelists who spoke at Feminist Technologies a discussion on access, and tech for social transformation. This talk was held as part of last week’s Radical Research week hosted by CURE - The Community University Research Exchange. Then we’ll hear excerpts from the dramatic reading of David Fennario’s play Motherhouse by Laura Orozco. This was one of the events in the Remember this Series held by Demilitarize McGill aiming to highlight the oppressions of war, imperalism, militarism and colonialism.

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