Off The Hour / Nov.27, 5-6pm / Nightsticks I & II : 50 years of queers & cops in Canada and Québec: talk with Jordan Arseneault

(Photo Credit : Image + Nation)

On Today’s Program :

  • We’ll be live in studio with Jordan Arsenault to talk about a special screening this Sunday as part of the Image and Nation film festival. Nightsticks I & II looks at 50 years of queers + cops in Canadian and Quebec film with more that 18 documentaries and clips.

  • Government data revealed in a recent report shows that the Toronto Police Service has been reporting over 100 Torontonians to federal immigration enforcement every week, contrary to its mandate, and in violation of the Toronto Sanctuary City policy. We’ll hear from migrant justice activist Macdonald Scott about these findings, and their potential impact on the roughly 200 thousand undocumented migrants living in Canada’s biggest city.

  • Then, as part of Free City Radio’s Community Conference Series, Professor Mritiunjoy Mohanty of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta will be giving a talk entitled «Resistance and transition in neoliberal India» this Tuesday at La Passe. CKUT’s Anna Marchese interviewed talked with Professor Mohanty about the economic state of India, and the type of resistance the country is currently experiencing.

  • And finally, in the lead up to the UN climate summit in Paris next week, a coalition of environmental groups in Quebec is urging the provincial government to bring stronger proposals to the table to move away from fossil fuels. CKUT sat down with the David Suzuki Foundation to find out more.

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