This week’s chosen clip aired live in the wee hours of Thursday night and needs little explaining.

Take a couple minutes out of your day to listen to the guys of Listen You Smell Something? expound on the wonders of human civilization, aliens, UFOs and, well, Mars Attacks.

Listen You Smell Something? is a late night, old-school funk show that airs on CKUT every Thursday night from 1-4 am.

Native Solidarity News & Radio NAHO in the month of may

Native Solidarity News will be airing Radio NAHO for three Tuesdays in a row - May 8th, May 15th and May 22nd. Tune in on those dates from 6 to 7 pm!

What is Radio NAHO? Radio NAHO is a six-part radio series on First Nations health created by the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO).

Each episode focuses on health issues from a holistic perspective, with an emphasis on prevention.

Radio NAHO shares information and wisdom from well-known and inspiring First Nations leaders, artists, academics and athletes who will be focusing on six themes: traditional living, healthy living, youth, environmental health, children’s health and diabetes prevention. From hip hop to clean drinking water, from boxing to sexual health to child development resources - Radio NAHO finds a multitude of ways to talk about First Nations health.

Lisa Abel is the host of each episode of Radio NAHO. She is a member of the Anishinabek Nation and a graduate of the joint Journalism program at the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. Lisa has worked and volunteered as a reporter, editor and videographer. She also hosted her own Aboriginal-themed radio program, The Circle, on Ottawa community radio station CHUO 89.1FM.

Visit Radio NAHO for more information.

May’s Montreal Sessions: MUTEK SESSIONS

May’s Montreal Sessions are brought to you by Cyan and Dan Melon!

We’re calling it MUTEK SESSIONS because the two will be focusing on the programming of this year’s MUTEK festival. Expect rad guests and music selected by two folks with excellent ear for the best in electronica every Tuesday in May from 3-5pm.

UPDATE: First guest was Patti Schmidt! Check out the archive.

UPDATE #2: MUTEK Sessions, part deux: an on-air hang out with Marie Davidson! Check out the Music blog for details.

Mayday: Occupy! Strike! Resist! Tune in to CKUT!

On Tuesday, May 1st, tune in to CKUT as we celebrate Mayday, International Workers Day, and a day marked around the world as a celebration of social struggles for dignity and liberation.

Programming Schedule

7-9am - Tuesday Morning After

Guests include David Fennario (local playwrite and activist), Marie-Eve Lamy (Anti-Capitalist Convergence, CLAC), and Dave Bleakney (Canadian Union of Postal Workers). We’ll also be featuring a labour poetry special for our literary report with Jeffrey Mackie, and Dragon Root Radio will be bringing us an interview with feminist labour activist Giuliana Fumagalli. All that plus plenty of revolutionary music!

11am-noon - Ecolibrium

Host Ryan Young will be speaking with Peter Brown from McGill about the upcoming Degrowth conference in Montreal, looking at the linkages between social, economic, and ecological justice.

Noon-2pm - Kitchen Bang Bang Law

Host Vince Tinguely brings you a 2 hour musical retrospective on the events of Paris ‘68! A collage of sound bytes and music of the era. Everything from Mai ‘68 Paris to the massacre of students in Mexico City to the Black Power Salute at the Olympics to Tet to MLK and Bobby shot to Trudeau and Levesque(founding the Parti Quebecois) to Mao’s cultural revolution to the Biafran war for independence.

5-6pm - Off the Hour

Our daily news program will bring you live reports from the Anti-Capitalist Mayday demo in Montreal, plus a round-up of Mayday actions and celebrations around the world.

What does gendered violence look like?

The next Blue Print radio show will take place on April 25th from 5-6 PM.

Be sure to tune in for an exploration of what gendered violence looks like in various communities and contexts in Montreal.

During this show, Blue Print will be featuring the perspectives of the youths at South Asian Women’s Community Centre (SAY) and the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre (ITYC).

Visit the Blue Print facebook page or the Blue Print website for more information.

April's Ecolibrium Radio Residency with Animal Liberties

We’re excited to present the most recent Ecolibrium Radio Residency. This month the animal rights group Animal Liberties has been working hard to put together a episode on a variety of issues such as factory farming, phosphorous use in Canada, and more!

The archived show can be found here.

For more information about the Ecolibrium Radio Residency project, do visit the ERR blog.

Clip of the Week: Bhum Bhum Tyme

This week we’ve chosen to highlight a clip from the April 22nd edition of Bhum Bhum Tyme (every Sunday, 4 to 6 pm) - a show that has been on CKUT’s airwaves since 1992!

Listen below as Sista P chats with Reverend Gray about racial profiling in Montreal.

Radio is Dead with Olivia, Gau, Tamara, and Bert!

Did you miss Monday, June 16thh’s Radio is Dead (or did you love it so much that you wanna re-listen)?

Well, as promised, we’re going to post links to the content we air on the show. It is often the case that we can’t air every piece in its entirety, but this stuff is worth a full-on listen!

Firstly, check the work of Felix Kubin, German sound artist.

Then you best check out Glenn Gould’s full radio documentary, ‘The Idea of the North.’

Finally, listen to the sounds of the ‘Night.’

Make sure to tune in next Monday (and every Monday thereafter, indefinitely) to be charmed by the likes of Bert, Gau, Tamara, and Olivia.


Tune in Tuesday, June 11th from 5 to 6PM for the next edition of TRANZISTER RADIO.

CKUT is excited to present the second edition of TRANZISTER RADIO - a show created for and by trans people.

For the past few months CKUT has been teaming up with ASTT(e)Q to conduct radio trainings and workshops. TRANZISTER RADIO is the exciting result of this collaboration.

ASTT(e)Q is Action Santé Travesties et Transsexuelles du Québec. Visit the Cactus Montreal website for more information about the services provided, and work done by ASTT(e)Q.

All Things McGill April 16 2012

Interview with Professor Anthony Paré

Photo by Victor Tangermann

Today on All Things McGill we heard Anthony Paré, Professor at the Faculty of Eduction, being interviewed about the repressive actions of the police against peaceful protesters on Novemebr 10th, 2011 at the James Administration building. To listen to the full interview click here


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