Off the Hour / June 11, 5-6pm / Ontario Elections and Austerity

(Rob Robinson, centre, with members of Project Genesis)

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Featured on today’s program:

-Tomorrow is a provincial election is Ontario, Canada’s biggest and wealthiest province. The Ontario coalition against poverty, OCAP, has released a statement regarding the elections, indicating a clear attack of austerity measures on people under the poverty line. CKUT 90.3 took the opportunity to interview John Clark in Toronto to get an inside view of the upcoming Election and bring us an anti-poverty analysis.

-American Take Back the Land housing activist Rob Robinson was in Montreal last week. He gave a presentation to an audience of activists at UQAM on housing rights, gentrification, and civil disobedience. CKUT’s Susan Fitch brings us these highlights from the event.

-Then, we’ll hear an edition of Talking Radical Radio, produced by Scott Neigh in Sudbury, called Against gentrification in Vancouver. We’ll hear Jean Swanson and Phoenix talk about their work against the gentrification of the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood in Vancouver.

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