Off the hour / Apr. 15, 5-6pm / Deepan Buldakoti / Pipeline projects

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On today’s program:

We’ll look at the controversial Enbridge pipeline project. Last Friday, indigenous and environmental groups were outside the Marriott hotel in Montreal to protest the presence of Canada’s new Minister of Environmental Resources, Greg Rickford. Rickford was in Montreal to promote the Enbridge Line 9 reversal project to bring Tar Sands oil to Montreal.

You’ll have an update from Deepan Budlakoti. Deepan was born in Canada, but Canadian Immigration has launched deportation procedings against him. You’ll hear a live interview with Deepan to hear about his Kafka-esque situation and what he’s doing to fight against it.

During the month of April when you are hunched over your tax returns, your stomach in knots, trying to figure out how much you owe your government, consider this: 26 of the most powerful profitable Fortune 500 companies paid zero dollars in income tax between 2008 & 2012. No one is going to jail; this fraud is perfectly legal. We’ll hear part of a presentation by author Alain Denault on tax heavens.

Faced with a skyrocketing demand for their frontline youth services and declining government funding, local non-profit Head & Hands has launched a monthly donor drive, turning to the community and the private sector for much-needed support. Victoria Xie of the news collective spoke with Juniper Belshaw of Head and Hands to bring us the story.

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