Off the hour / Mar. 28, 5-6pm / Streetbeat / Djaber Kalibi

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Streetbeat is a monthly series where we air the voices of people who frequent some of Montréal’s drop-in centers. An outgrowth of the Homelessness Marathon, Streetbeat deals with various topics, mainly in Dans La Rue and Chez Doris. This month on Streetbeat we discuss love, marriage, faith and capitalism, first with some women at CHez Doris, and later in the recording with a young man from Dans La Rue.

This week, Amnesty International launched their fourth campaign against torture. In 1984 the campaign achieved the adoption of a convention against torture and other crual, inhuman or degrading treatments. However, the tendency in the last few years has been an increase of the use of torture. In 2012, 112 countries tortured their citizens. Countries including Canada are no longer showing respect towards the Convention signed in 1984. Amongst the speakers testifying about torture at the press launching the campaign in Montreal was Damien Corsetti.

As the provincial election enters its 3rd week, have issues like poverty and homelessness been adequately addressed in the campaign? Off the Hour’s Andre Goulet spoke with Kat Gray, executive director of Benedict Lebray House, a poverty outreach organization in Griffintown, to find out.

On Tuesday, Solidarity Accross Boarders organized a picket in solidarity with Djaber Kalibi, in the context of a campaign advocating for a status for all. Solidarity across boarders denounced the abuses of the Canadian immigration system, and cited many examples of injustices towards migrants.

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