Matt May hosts If You Got Ears April 2014

I’ll be focusing on the buried, the overlooked, the rejected, but also the celebrated in noise, drone, screamo, post-hardcore, post-punk, and other fringes of the experimental. An emphasis on the dark, the gloomy, the vibrant and the visceral. There will be explorations of a few blossoming (or formerly blossoming) scenes in northern New Jersey and upstate New York - as well as Montreal, the UK, and Japan, to name a few. Local purveyors of all that is good and right in the world, Mands, will be joining me in the studio for a live set and interview on April 2nd. As well, I will be joined another week by my collaborator in Welter & Associates, Arnold Kalmbach, to co-host.

If You Got Ears airs every Wednesday from noon to two pm. If you miss it live visit our archives at - or you can subscribe in i tunes.

Matt May is a New Jersey transplant who’s been playing music in Montreal for the past several years in numerous projects, including Ought, Welter & Associates, and Terrarbor.

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