Off the Hour presents the story of Lynne Stewart, Political Lawyer turned Political Prisoner

Tonight on Off The Hour, Tuesday November 13 at 17h for the story of political prisoner Lynne Stewart who has now been behind bars for over three years!

Human Rights activist Lynne Stewart is a former attorney who represented poor and often unpopular defendants, such as many political prisoners in the USA (Black Panthers, Weather Underground, Ohio 7, etc.). She was convicted of contravening the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) which are certain prison regulations that are put on certain high-profile prisoners. SAMs have been contravened by many former lawyers, for example even the former attorney general, Ramsey Clarke contravened the SAMs while representing the same client: Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as the “Blind Sheikh.”

Lynne Stewart was originally sentenced to 28 months, only to be re-sentenced and is now in prison with a 10 year sentence. This summer Lynne lost her appeal. She is also now battling cancer and hence has two battles to overcome. To find out more about who is Lynne, what is involved in her case and the concerted attack on the American justice system, we have an interview with activist Ralph Poynter, Lynne Stewart’s husband. This travesty of justice has even hit home here in Quebec, where a documentary titled Lynne Stewart: An American Story is in its final stages of completion.We also have an interview with writer Claude Herdhuin, who worked on this documentary which will air in the early part of 2012 on Radio-Canada.

Tune-in to Off The Hour and listen to Ralph Poynter and Claude Herdhuin speak about this case and then ask yourself: “Why is the American Government so afraid of Lynne?”

Photo of Lynne Stewart accompanied by her husband, Ralph Poynter, at a demonstration.