Clip of the Week: Your Fate is Sealed with Invisible Ink

Hallowe’en and the Day the of the Dead mark the one time in the year when the line between life and the afterlife is at its thinnest. The Monday Morning After brought listeners a live radio drama performed at Le Depanneur Cafe that tells the story of a dangerously close encounters with the spirit world. It was part of the Morning After Montreal Cafe broadcast series marking CKUT’s 25 Year Birthday and the annual FUNDING DRIVE.

“Your Fate is Sealed with Invisible Ink”, an original radio drama by CKUT’s Taylor Tower who has also had her stories appear on CBC’s WireTap, was performed live by a team of voice actors and an array of sound effects and soundscape in old time radio style.

Listen back to this 20 minute CLIP of the WEEK to sonically celebrate all the spirits of ancestors past that live among us: