TONIGHT! CKUT presents Invisible Waves: 2 stages, 5 bands, 25 years!

…radio waves are invisible, but CKUT is not…

CKUT IS 25 AND WE’RE THROWING OURSELVES A PARTY. Thursday, October 18th. Doors at 7pm. FREE. GERT’S TAVERNE (3480 McTavish)

YOU ARE INVITED for a night with 2 stages, 5 bands, CKUT DJs and an Immersive Visual Landscape by JUDE

Come see Gert’s as you’ve never seen it before

A stage on either side of the room, One set ends, another begins… repeat.


Celestial ether/churning Krautrock, psychedelic ambient pop maestros from the train tracks.

“A barrage of avant-garde texture and pop melody flow from Cinema L’amour. Emotional songwriting, inventive structures, and a gorgeously layered sonic palette.” -Pop Montreal Website

“Dam Ships crafts melodic, upbeat compositions that are coloured by shoegaze and driven by powerful rhythms.” -Pop Montreal Festival Guide 2012

“The fusion of melody and noise and strange textures immediately had me hooked. Then I went over to their four-song digital EP and decided that I’d found one of my favourite new Montreal bands.” -Midnight Poutine

“utterly blasted crust bursting with nihilistic shreddery. Tearing through every inch of magnetic magma wrapping their debut offering, Nubians embark on a crusade of bosonic annihilation crammed with enough attitude to crush, kill, destroy stress. SICC WIDDIT.” -Weird Canada

  • DJ DEITY (Garage Rock DJ Set)

  • WORLD SKIP THE BEAT (Twang Rip Polyrhythms DJ Set)

And, last but not least, here’s a lil audio!