Farewell My Concubine, Horse Bladder: Live in Studio

Perhaps it’s best you stay in Thursday night, the 18th of October.
Granted, it’s too soon to turn on the heat in your drafty apartment
and it’s best to keep warm on someone else’s dime, but take our advice
stay in, make your self a hot toddy, swaddle yourself in layers of blanket,
and turn on your radio for the live sounds of discomfort from the not so distant
southern parts of the frontière: Northampton, Massachussets.

Grazing 90.3 during the Cabelli Présente, Sans Cabelli hours: 11PM to 1AM will be
Horsebladder and Farewell My Concubine who are on a fall twourl
We are very excited that these wordmusicsmiths, folk of CKUT past are making an
expressed détournement on their tworl for the pleasure of your listening ears.
They’ll also gracing the open space and booming PA of La Brique on Friday night.

Listen to the past:

Farewell My Concubine live set

Horsebladder live set

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